Revelation Series

Signs of the Second Coming


Session 1: Jesus Wins, Satan Loses

There is an age-old battle between good and evil. But the good news is that in every case, Jesus has been victorious. But how can you be sure you’re on the winning side?


Session 2: A Moment of Destiny

Our world is at a crossroads. This is a moment of destiny—each one of us at the crossroads with the seed we sow each day. How can we produce the fruit that will lead to eternity?


Session 3: Hope’s Grace-Filled, End-Time Message

Revelation has the reputation of being a frightening book filled images of judgement and doom. But the central theme of the book is actually a hope filled message of grace through Christ.


Session 4: Jesus and the Judgment

For many, the thought of the final judgment, where all must stand before a holy God, causes fear and trepidation. But this message assures every believer that the God of Revelation stands with us and for us in the judgment.


    Session 5: God’s Prophetic Timetable

In the Bible, there are many prophecies based on time. During this fifth installment, Pastor Finley explains how to interpret these prophecies using the Bible alone, which explains itself. He demonstrates how the Bible does this in the meticulous manner, showing God’s Prophetic Timeline and how relevant it is to us today.


Session 6: An Urgent Call to Action

The warning in the Book of Revelation is not a warning that comes in harshness or from an authoritarian God, but a warning given to us in love. Revelation is really a book about the grace, the mercy, the goodness, and the love of God. It is an appeal to us to know Christ as the dying Lamb and the living Priest.


Session 7: Creation Speaks

It wonderful to see how creation speaks to us of God’s love; it speaks to us of God’ power and telling us of a God who wants to newly create our lives. It was during the 19th Century, however, that theories emerged negating God’s sovereignty as Creator.


Session 8: Refuge in a World of Confusion

If we ever needed a refuge in a world of confusion, it is today. If we ever needed a place of security, it is indeed right now. The Bible teaches of the God who offers and makes Himself our Shelter.

Session 9: A City Called Confusion

As we continue our journey through the three messages of Revelation, we find that the messages are vital and urgent for this generation. There is confusion everywhere, and unfortunately, even in the Christian world. The Book of Revelation talks about two cities — Jerusalem and Babylon. Join us and learn what Babylon represents, and why it is called a city of confusion.


Session 10: Satan’s Final Deceptions

The tenth presentation in our series, Three Cosmic Messages, offers critical lessons for our eternal welfare. In the Book of Revelation, God appeals to us in love, and we also find some warning for the final days. Satan and his agents are preparing for the last and final deception. But the Bible shows us that the Lord wants us to be prepared and avoid Satan’s lies and trickery. You cannot afford to miss this fascinating session that exposes the plans of the enemy of God and man.

Session 11: Seal of God & Mark of the Beast I

The Book of Revelation is a book of fascinating contrasts. In a previous episode, Pastor Mark Finley presented a study about two cities, Jerusalem and Babylon. In this episode, you will learn about two signs, the Seal of God and the mark of the beast. One is about truth and love, the other is about falsehood and deception. Learn about the significance of these contrasting, end-time concepts in this captivating study.


Session 12: Seal of God & Mark of the Beast II

Part one of this episode showed clearly that the mark of the beast is not about strange symbols or mystic ideologies, and it is far more than weird beasts. The central issue is over obedience and worship. In part two of The Seal of God and the Mark of the Beast, we are reminded that loyalty to God will be a decision each individual will have to make, which seals our destiny, allowing us to live with Him for eternity.


Session 13: Ablaze With God’s Glory

During our journey throughout the Book of Revelation, specifically, chapter 14 verses 6–12, we discovered that the Three Angels’ Message is eternal, urgent, and universal. A message that God gave to humanity to prepare for His Son’s soon return.